Sergeantsville Loop Club Run

Saturday Club Run from Echo Hill Park

Colin - 1st Place

Frank - Fastest time

Tom - 2nd Place
Inaugural Runner's World Half Marathon

Steeplechase 25K

Amy Laspada, Becca Dougherty, Kenneth Sanchez, Ed Leydon, Bruce Marshall, Doug Masi, Frank Batiste

Age Group Winners
Balloon Run from Hillcrest Park
We got to follow over 50 balloons this year!
Balloon Run
John Fischer's Memorial Pub Run
Pub Run 2012
Jim Hardin's Pool Run
Poconos Run for the Red Marathon
St Lukes Half Marathon

Erik, John and Jim w/Kathrine Switzer

Our Pres getting another AG 1st Place

Spring Run from the Brookmans

Clinton Township 15K/5K HRH Volunteers and Runners April 28

Boston Survivors

Boston 2012

Sunday dinner at Cafe Nuovo (soon to be renamed) in North Boston. Great pasta.

Can you see us now? Some of the Boston Masters Team

Eric and Doug

The Pumas
E. Murray Todd Half Marathon
New Year's Eve Run from the Crossins

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