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The Hill Runners of Hunterdon running club has been in existence since 1999, and membership is open to all. There are approximately 90 active members of varying ages and abilities, with a good balance between male and female members. Weekend club runs are organized for both Saturday and Sunday mornings year-round, and generally are in the Annandale, Readington, and Clinton areas of the county. There's usually a pace and distance to suit all from the recreational jogger to competitive runners training for marathons. The first Saturday of each month is our Guest Runner Day.  On these days, HRH members will serve as escort runners on routes ranging from 3 to 10 miles. 

We have runners that run at paces varying from 7:30 min/mile to 11:00 min/mile, but generally the range at our group runs is in the 8:00 min/mile to 9:30 min/mile range.  If you want to ensure that there will be someone running at your pace, we recommend posting on facebook to confirm someone will be running at your pace.

Social events are held periodically during the year. Many club members compete regularly in races throughout NJ, PA, & NY, as well as traveling to destination marathons farther afield. A number of members are regulars at NYRRC events, usually held in Central Park. The club has fielded at least one team each of the last 13 years in the annual 92-mile River to Sea Relay that spans the state of NJ. But again, competing in races is not for everyone and certainly not a prerequisite for club membership.

As part of our mission to support long distance running in our community, we like to give back with both monetary donations and our time through volunteerism.  We also support members who participate in a run for a special cause.  Check out the information on our Charitable Contributions page for some of the ways we give back.


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Board Member at Large -Becca Mazzolla

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Membership Application: Membership is open to all interested runners. Individual membership is $25.00/year and couple or family membership is $40.00/year.

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