Club Officers
Dave Brown
Sprintin Clinton 2013 5K PR


Chris Franklin
Bay State Marathon 2009


Valerie Mathews


Becca Dougherty Mazzolla
An engineer with a running problem
Social Director
Cyrena Terricone

Board Member at Large

Ron Pawlikowski
Clinton Township
Country Run 5k, 2013



Club Members
Send in your favorite photo with caption to

Celia Arthur

Beverly Attinson
St George 2014
Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.

Kathy Ballance

Frank Batiste
2012 Unite Half Marathon

Graeme Bell
"Keep Moving Forward"

Steve Brookman
Club webmaster

Why? Why ask why?
Susan Brookman
Running down invasive species

Barry Coopersmith
Boston 2008
15 NYC, 21 total marathons

Jim Crossin
Then - 2:34:40 Boston '79
Now - 26.2 per week sounds good!

Hector Cruz-Rosa
2011 Berlin Marathon, 16-year non-stop running,
26 Marathons, countless Halfs and proud Team Winner of R2C10 Relay within its Masters' Division!

Richie Ernst

Dave Faherty
1967 NYRR 24-mile race, finishing in the top 5 ahead of Amby Burfoot

John Fischer

Ironman, Triathlete,
2 time Boston Finisher

Tim Habinak

Jim Hardin
Boston 2010

Janet Howard
It doesn't matter how fast you run, as long as you are moving in the right direction.

Pete Jensen
PR at Pocono Marathon 06
" Thank God I'm done

Ed Leydon
Runners World Half

Bruce Marshall
68,000+ miles
56 marathons

Tom McCaffrey
13 year streak of at 3+ runs per

Holly McDonald
Sprintin' at Clinton 2006

Mirril McMullen

Andy O'Hearn
Running = Refreshment!
M'thons '80s, '90s, '00s,

Susan Oswald
Yamacraw 50k 2015

Peggy Romeo
Happy trails to you!

Colin Saville
80 marathons/ultras
+ 10 Ironman Triathlons.
Marathon PB 2:57

Dennis Schmatz
Golds Gym Marathon Relay '06
20 marathons < 7 years
50 States Club Member

Ken Sanchez
The pleasure of running

Frederick Slapa
Cowtown Marathon
Ft. Worth, TX

Michelle Slapa
Sombrero Beach Run
Marathon Key, FL

Anna Walz
Go, Anna, Go!!!

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