2010 Photo Gallery

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Celebrating Dennis's Birthday on a Saturday club run. Anyone seen Dennis?
Big Chill, Rutgers. Bev wins 2nd place in AG
Turkey Trot, Flemington, Thanksgiving Day

Philadelphia Marathon, Louan's First! Bev's 2nd this month.
Bathrobe Guy - would you want to run 26.2 miles next to this?

Winner, 1st Back - Andy O'Hearn

Winners, Closest Time - Susan Brookman and Dave Brown (Tie)
NYC Marathon Bus

Autumn Club Run from the Brookmans

Blues Cruise Ultra Marathon, October 3

Forest Fairies encounter
Wine Glass Marathon-October 3
Dan Minzner at St. George Marathon getting his 1st BQ
Danielle Fischer's Wedding Day
R2C 2010
Winners Mens's Master Division

Tiger Paw Images of the HRH R2C
Team – page 2 http://tigerpawimages.printroom.com/ViewGalleryPhoto.asp?evgroupid=0&userid=tigerpawimages&gallery_id=2199999&image_id=128&pos=79
Start – page 2 http://tigerpawimages.printroom.com/ViewGalleryPhoto.asp?evgroupid=0&userid=tigerpawimages&gallery_id=2199998&image_id=105&pos=82
Finish – page 8 http://tigerpawimages.printroom.com/ViewGalleryPhoto.asp?evgroupid=0&userid=tigerpawimages&gallery_id=2199996&image_id=44&pos=442
Finish #2 – page 8http://tigerpawimages.printroom.com/ViewGalleryPhoto.asp?evgroupid=0&userid=tigerpawimages&gallery_id=2199996&image_id=43&pos=443

Poconos Run for the Red, June 16
Clinton Country Run 15K Support Crew

Some shots of HRH'er's (and others) in the 2010, 114th running of the Boston Marathon.
St Paddy's Day Run at the McDonalds

Myrtle Beach Bi Lo No Marathon
3" of snow the night before and it was the race that never happened

Post No Race Party in Bev's 18th Floor Penthouse Suite
Crossin's Annual New Years Day Party

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