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NYC Marathon 2008

Club run-Haybale 25K route, August 17, 2008

HRH Summer Pool Party at the Fischer's
(Sorry, no pictures of The Shrine
, you had to be there to see it!)
August 9, 2008
Patty's slide show

R2C13 Photos
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Balloon Festival July 27, 2008. We actually saw, and followed, the balloons this year.
2nd Annual PubRun July 6, 2008
HRH'ers met at the Long Valley Brew Pub after running the Columbia Trail, some did 6 miles, others up to 22.6.

Revolutionary Run 10K
Revolutionary Run 10K July 4, 2008
HRH was well represented, as you can see from this before picture. Mouse over to see the after race shot with even more.

Click here to see Patti's slide show for more pictures.

Boston 2008
13 HRH'ers ran the 112th Boston Marathon

Faherty Winter Run (aka Hot Tub Run) February 24, 2008
Click here to view Patty's slide show

Groundhog Prediction Run February 2, 2008

Click here to view more of Patty's Groundhog Prediction Pictures

Hope, Groundhog Prediction Run Starter, modeling latest in running footwear.

Trevor, Cheerio and Honey Nut Knowles at the Groundhog Prediction Run (Day before SuperBowl)

Colin and Anne Marie at the Marathon Visualization Session Jan 17

New Year's Day at the Crossins 2008

See Patty's Slide Show of the Crossin's New Year's Day Run and Party:


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